March 23, 2020


The Chiefs, Officers and Members of the Stamford Fire Department along with the Commissioners of the Stamford Joint Fire District are continuously monitoring notifications, guidelines and procedures that are being distributed during this unprecedented world event. 

At this time we have determined that it is in the best interest for everyone to postpone our monthly department, board and district meetings for the month of April to ensure we are not congregating and possibly spreading germs.  We need to remain as healthy as possible to serve our community when the tones go off. 

You won’t see us at the firehouse drilling or working with apparatus, but that does not mean we are not learning, training and communicating – it’s just being done via different means.  We are still conducting business and checking on each other while maintaining the social distancing – via social media, email, phone calls and video chats.

At this point we know our April meetings will not be in person, our 150th anniversary celebration will be postponed and any other events we host or attend are on hold.  As always we thank you for your continued support of our department and members and we look forward to when we can carry on normal routines in a healthy world and community.

Please watch this site for additional information.  Be safe, be healthy!


Our Members


Chief - AJ Vamosy

1st Assistant Chief - Don VanEtten

2nd Assistant Chief - Joe Hornbeck

EMS Chief - Ryan Hejnal

EMS Captain - Karen Cole

Fire Captain - Doug Cole

1st Fire Lieutentant - Dusty King

2nd Fire Lieutentant - Paula Schoonmaker

Wardens - Liz Page, Cliff Mueller Tim Powell and Nancy Eighmie

Active Members

Anthony Alba

Vic Arnone

Mike Brosnan

Doug Cole

Karen Cole

George Curbelo

Dale Darran

Brittany Eighmie

Nancy Eighmie

Scott Eighmie

Tim Fairchild

Laurie Fallon

Mark Fallon

Ryan Hejnal

Deb Hornbeck

Joe Hornbeck

Ellen Kennedy

Dustin King

Dusty King

Eileen King

Charlie Kopfman

Ed Lorgan

Leeman Markee

Tom Marsh

James Milea

Nancy Milea

Cliff Mueller

Elliott Oakes

Mary Jo Oakes

Liz Page

Peter Pioppo

Tim Powell

Patricia Powell-Wagner

Donald Reed

Margaret Schoonmaker

Paula Schoonmaker

Rachel Schoonmaker

Don Scully

Bill Sharick

Becky Smith

Chris Sweeney

Matthew Taylor

Elijah Thomas

AJ Vamosy

Robyn Vamosy

Amber VanEtten

Don VanEtten

Arneta Wayman

Steve Williamson 

Junior Firefighters

Katrina Alexander

Brooke Milea

Grace Taylor

Paul Vamosy

Nate Wamsley

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